Car Seat Storage Hook



Car Seat Storage Hook


  • This is one the best technology which can hook and hang more than one item while moving.
  • Car Seat Storage Hook is simple, safe and convenient way to hang your belongings in the car.
  • You can travel with ease if you have Car Seat Storage Hook, it can hang shopping bags, coats, handbags, umbrellas or anything else.
  • Captain Hook, having resolved any lingering issues with his crocodile nemesis, sought a quiet post-piracy retirement.
  • In his golden years he earned his keep assisting local shoppers getting their weekly groceries from A to B, and his legacy of helpfulness and convenience lives on in this deal.


  • Attaches to any twin post headrest with post diameters of 0.5" (1.25cm) or less.
  • Two sturdy hooks hold up to 14 kg.
  • Hook dimensions as pictured
  • Weight: 130 g 

Package Include: 

  • 1 X Car Seat Storage Hook 

Delivery: Within 7 to 21 working days.