Portable travel Compact pillow eye mask 2 in 1-soft goggles neck Support Pillow for Airplane



Description :

Goggles Neck Support Pillow Portable Travel Compact Pillow And Eye Mask 2 in 1-soft For Airplane Napping Trip Supplies Customized Sleep Positions

The Voyage Pillow has a unique design features a unique construction that combines a comfortable microbead pillow with a multi-purpose poly / spandex tapered eye mask band.
This signature spandex band allows for extreme versatility when finding that perfect sleeping position.

Feature :

Microbead Pillow : Thousands of tiny microbeads fill the Voyage Pillow to adapt to any sleeping position for a custom and comfortable rest.
Multi-Purpose Band : Attached at each end of the pillow, the multi-purpose band allows you to use the Voyage Pillow in endless possible ways for a comfortable rest.
Tapered Eye Mask : Block out unwanted light over your eyes when sleeping with the low profile tapered design.
Poly / Spandex Fabric : Fit almost every head size with the stretchy spandex exterior
Light Weight: About 150g, you'll almost forget that you even have the Voyage Pillow in your luggage.
Soft Plush Fabric : Enjoy the softest plush fabric across the interior of the Voyage Pillow.
Compact Design : Save the space in your luggage with the Voyage Pillow's compared to a traditional U-Shape travel pillow.

Specification :
Material : Polyester / Cotton
Size : 22 x 11 x 9 cm / 8.6 x 4.3 x 3.5 inchs

Color : Purple, Blue, Pink, Grey
Application : Airplane, Office, Massage, Body, Napping trip and so on
Part : Neck
Pattern Type : Solid, Print

Package Includes :

1 x Travel Pillow

Details Pictures :