Parker Vector Standard Triple CT Pen Set


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Parker Vector Standard Triple CT Pen Set


If your pens keep going missing, here's a nifty solution, well maybe not a total solution - but you will get some new Parker Vector pens. Not just that, you'll actually get three and you can choose from three colours!

Okay, maybe that's not the best sales pitch. But believe me, these pens are pretty sweet. How about a little history?

Since 1888, Parker has pioneered innovation and superior craftsmanship in writing instruments, giving consumers the confidence to write their own story.

Parker's story starts in Janesville, Wisc., where George Parker set out to develop a more reliable fountain pen. He patented an ink delivery system called the lucky curve that pulled ink back into the pen when not in use. During world war 1, Parker made ink pills, to which soldiers could add water to create ink for use in the "trench pen" while at war.

The brand's trademark pen, the duofold, was launched in the late 1920s when its large, red design complemented the flamboyant decade. In 1931, Parker debuted "quink" ink, which dried by absorption rather than evaporation and therefore did not require blotting. The rest of the century saw more innovation and success for Parker as the vacumatic, the Parker 51 and new versions of the duofold made Parker one of the top pen brands in the world.

Today, Parker continues to fuse superior craftsmanship with contemporary style, offering innovative new products like Parker 5th technology, first fine writing system that actually adjusts to each user's unique writing style for an exceptionally smooth writing experience.


  • Moulded plastic barrel and cap in high gloss colours with contrasting trim
  • Fitted with stainless steel nib
  • Standard nib grades available in medium
  • Fitted with twin-chanelled ink feed and collector system
  • For use with ink cartridges or convertible to ink bottle filling
  • Cap on / cap off supplied with standard roller ball refill with navigator technology
  • Cap action fitted with standard ball point refill
  • Ink & cartridges: Piston-style convertor and replaceable refill


  • Material: abs plastic
  • Nib material: stainless steel
  • Clip material: stainless steel
  • Available Pen colors: Red, Blue and Black.
  • Ink color: Blue

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Parker Vector Ball Pen
  • 1 X Parker Vector Roller Ball Pen
  • 1 X Parker Vector Ink Pen

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