Original Xiaomi Mijia 4 in 1 Nurse Security Smart Home Kit Alarm System with Wireless Switch Window



Main Products Included :

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Feature Method Product ID
Mutifunctional Gateway
Almost all Xiaomi Smart home sensor
must match gatway to use
- Smart kits control center
- Online radio
- Night light
- Customized bell
+ Body Sensor :
when someone passes by, the light will auto turn on.

+ Door Sensor :
the light and ring for you when open the door.

+ Temperature & Humidity Sensor : 
Monitor the living enviroment 
Wireless Switch - One key to control
- DIY as you wish
- UP to 2 year battery life (replaceable)

Before sleeping :
one step to turn on the nightlights.

Waking up at night :
one step to turn on the nighlight.

When going out :
one step to control household appliances.
Window & Door Sensor - Alarm
- Monirot state of opening or closing
- Linkage wieh more
- UP to 2 year battery life (replaceable)

+ Wireless Switch : 
Oping the light when you go back home evening.

+ YeeLight :
Automatically turn on the light in kitchen when you arrival it.

+ Air purifier :
Turn on the air purifier when you open the window.
Package Includes :

1 x Multifunctional Gateway
1 x Wireless Switch
2 x Window Door Sensor