KCASA KC-BCH14 Wheat Straw Fiber Lunch Box Refrigerator Storage Eco Friendly Food Container




KCASA KC-BCH14 Wheat Straw Fiber Lunch Box Refrigerator Storage Eco-friendly Food Container 2 Size 3 Colors
Food Storage With Leakproof Lids Reusable Microwavable Shatter-Proof & Freezer Safe
Temp Guide: Hot - up to 250 Fahrenheit degrees/ 121 degrees Celcius, cold - down to 68 fahrenheit degrees below zero/20 degrees Celcius
below zero. 
Timeless design: This food storage is microwave(no lid), refrigerator, freezer. It makes food preparation and consumption easy. 
Airtight and leak-resistant: Instant vacuum freshness without pumps, motors or confusing parts; Simply Pull up the button and press down
on the lid and air is forced out via the one-way valve. Perfect appearance, no need wings to lock to the bottom part. It keeps foods fresh longer
and enable leak-free storage and transportation. 
Shatter proof: We did test on the containers: drop the empty containers from 1meter height in different angles(almost the height we take 
containers) without any protection package. They turns out fine with the lids on without any damage.
Food-safe: only high-quality, toxin-free: contain no BPA or toxic additives. 
Easy to carry: Suitable sizes to put into your lunch bag or normal size handbag. Several sizes in this series for your choice. 
Perfect for storing food. 

Brand : KCASA
Material : Wheat Straw Fiber
Color : Pink / Green / Beige
Size :  
          S : 13 x 9 x 6.5 cm
          L :  20 x 13 x 6.5 cm

Package Included:

1 x KCASA Storage Box