KCASA Anti Blue Light Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses TR90 Ultra Light Presbyopic Glasses



1. Progressive multifocal technology, creates 3 zones for different types of vision, no need to take off without fatigue for long time wearing.
2. Anti-Blu-ray lenses, prevent harmful blue light from endangering eye health.
3. Anti-slip TR90 frame, great toughness and flexible.

How to wear:
1. In the early wear, follow the principle: From static to move, from indoor to outdoor.
2. First, choose the appropriate scope for far vision, look straight ahead, but not either side.
3. Determine the scope of the middle vision, slowly down to see through the middle of the transition zone. (There must be a slow adaptation process).
4. Determine the scope of the near, jaw micro-income, eyes down to read the newspaper.
5. Walk in the room, generally 4-5 days will adapt.
6. In order to facilitate your later use, there is no indication line in the lenses.

Item Type: Bifocal Reading Glasses 
Material: TR90 Frame & Resin Lens
Weight: 20.4g
Total Length: 137mm
Nose Bridge Width: 17mm
Lens Height: 41mm
Lens Width: 53mm
Legs Length: 133mm
Color: Black
Package Included:
1 X Reading Glasses
More Details: