IPRee Portable Electric Irrigator Handheld Bidet Travel Handy Sprayer Shattaf Toilet Wash Kit



Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
USB Cable Length 80cm
Water Capacity 230ml
Length Folded after the length of 15cm. After opening the faucet length 32cm
Rechargeable Battery 5V / 1000mA
Waterproof 1 meter
Maximum Power Consumption 4W
Battery Number of Times About 100 times
Battery Standby Time About 30 days Battery charging time: about 2 hours
Continuous Flush Time Small water spray 60 seconds, strong water spray 40 seconds
- Built-in rechargeable battery, a charge lasting durable for nearly a month;
- Universal USB charging cable for a variety of mobile phone power adapter, or directly connected to the computer USB interface to charge;
- Using silicone waterproof design.
- Two water spray, soft water can be converted into ladies urine, strong and powerful water;
- Semi-circular outlet, you can accurately align the clean point, while flushing side scraping wipe, completely clean;
- Alternative paper towels, thoroughly clean, do not damage the skin, the effective prevention of private parts of the disease infection;
- Provide personal hygiene care anytime, anywhere;
- Small size, light, you can carry, with the car, with the bag to carry, truly private custom;
- A large number of conservation paper towels, to achieve environmental protection, economic, comfortable, clean organic combination;
- Gently press the button, you can achieve clean body, according to the actual needs of water control and water control, efficient water;
Package Included:
1 x Irrigator
1 x USB Cable