Grip Your Phone- 3 pack



Grip Your Phone- 3 pack

Features & Specifications:

  • Securely hold and use your phone with just one or two fingers. Avoid costly drops and cracked screens. Worry less about your phone.
  • Strong adhesive holds to phone or hard case. Once it sticks, it is stuck! Not compatible with silicone, gel, TPU, or rubber cases; or Note 4 soft back.)
  • Zip your jacket, hold a cup, or push a stroller by flipping phone to outside of fingers. Perfect when your hands are full.
  • Your thumb can reach more spots on your phone. Easier to take selfies and video.
  • Comfortable base covered with rubberized plastic. Strong strap doesn't get itchy. Phone lies flat on table and easily slips into a pocket. Raised base protects phone from spills.
  • Available colors: Black, white, red, pink, purple, gold, green, blue and yellow.
  • Weight(lbs): 1

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Grip Your Phone- 3 pack