FEG Eyelash Enhancer Serum



FEG Eyelash Enhancer Serum

It has been said that the first thing that men are attracted to when looking at a woman, are her eyes. Not every woman is blessed with thick, long lashes so luckily, we have found a solution that will aid women in growing longer and stronger eyelashes. The best thing that can happen to your eyes today is FEG Eyelash growth Serum! Increase the beauty of your eyes, use the FEG serum for eye-batting worthy lashes!


  • Increase the growth and darkness of eyelashes
  • Activate dormant hair follicle germ tissue
  • Promote rapid growth of eyelashes
  • Longer, thicker and bushy after 20 days usage
  • Assists to repair eyelashes after removal of eyelash extensions
  • Assists in reversing the damage caused by the sun and the daily use of mascara
  • Assists growth of eyebrows


  • Size: 3ml bottle
  • 100% natural

Package Include:

  • 1 X FEG Eye Serum

Delivery: Within 7 to 21 working days.