Digoo DG-TH11300 Wireless HD Negative Color Screen USB Outdoor Weather Station VA Glass Hygrometer T





Brand Digoo
Model DG-TH11300
Wireless HD Negative Color Screen Weather Station Sensor Clock 
Size 120mm x 185mm x 26mm / 4.72" x 7.28" x 1.02"
Display  Mutifunctional Weather Station with HD Negative Screen 
Bright White Back Light
Weather Forecast Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy 
Frozen Point Indicator
Function Dual Alarm with Snooze Function
Real Time In&Out Hygrometer Thermometer (°C/°F)
Historical Max/Min Temp and Humidity Data
Time & Date & Month
(with D/M or M/D format for your favor selection)
12 HOURS  Barometer Trending Display
 Barometric Pressure  Range : 800hPa -1100hPa
Unit Settable (hPa/ mB/ inHg )
Working Way With a hole on the back for hanging
With a support on the back for standing
Temperature Indoor Range : -10°C ~ 50°C ( 14°F ~ 122°F)
Outdoor Range : -30°C  ~ 60°C ( -22°F ~ 140°F )
Humidity IN & OUT Range : 20% RH ~ 90% RH
Sensor   High Precise Indoor & Oudoor Sensor Chip From 
Professional Manufactory
Max Sensor Channel Support 3 x DG-R8H Outdoor Sensor
Power By 3 x AA Batteries

Special USB Power Cable (Includes)

Feature :

Snooze Function : 5 minutes of snooze time 
Alarm Ring : AL1 : bibibibi, AL2 : bibi, will last for 2 minutes 
Backlight : Press the top button of main unit, appear 5 second backlight  
VA GLASS METARAIL making the display more clearly without ghosting.
UP to Three Outdoor Sensor Channel : This item could links other two DG-R8H high precise outdoor sensor, we provide it at →→ID

Package Included :

1 x Digoo DG-TH11300 Wireless HD Negative Color Screen Weather Station
1 x Digoo DG-TH11300 DG-R8H Wireless Outdoor Sensor
1 x 
Digoo DG-TH11300 USB Chagring Cable (Simply 5V 1A Requires)
1 x Digoo DG-TH11300 Full English User Manual
1 x Digoo DG-TH11300 Original Color Gift Package