Children's Y-Phone


$12.50 $19.99

Children's Y-Phone

Features & Specifications:

  • Give your nerves a break by taking the pricey gadgets back from your two-year-old and handing them their own which looks exactly the same, phew!
  • With eight different functions this Y-phone toy is both fun and educational, teaching them all sorts from maths and matching pairs to colors and animals.
  • Including modes such as drums and piano, they can have fun making music as well as play games and test themselves through learning mode and question mode.
  • Also, just like grown up phones, it has a micro USB port which recharges the phone when it's flat, so no need to keep buying new batteries
  • Keep your little one entertained with a fun and interactive Y-phone.
  • Eight different functions!
  • Including maths, matching, animals, games, music modes and more.
  • Choose black or white.
  • Charges with a micro USB so no need for pesky batteries.
  • Kids will love their new toy which is just like mummy and daddy’s!
  • Aims to help strengthen knowledge of numbers, letters and more.

Package Include:

  • 1 x Children's Y-Phone