Bamboo WOOD Luxury Monitor Stand Riser



Bamboo WOOD Luxury Monitor Stand Riser

Features and Specifications :

  • Friendly finishing environment in a sturdy bamboo board.
  • 80 lbs to its regular weight capacity.
  • Good plastic stand than the load, easy and glass ones interruption such that it is not.
  • Comfortable for the eye level to elevate the monitor, viewing experience that is based on the ergonomics make tension headaches and eyes and your acquisition from shipping ventilation of the computer while improving the computer screen to look down from the neck strain.
  • It is also, TV to put the appropriate, printer, laptop, and so on.
  • You got to have a mobile phone for a variety of retention slots, cup, paper, staples, clips and other day-to-day office supplies and allow you to slide your keyboard and get the bottom of the mouse to stand your desktop space back.
  • Polished smooth, square plate screws a rounded, if you use your safety against dust and scratches.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Bamboo WOOD Luxury Monitor Stand Riser