Baby Stroller Toy Strap



Baby Stroller Toy Strap

1. Strap length: about 50cm
2. Washing: hand wash
3. Pattern: Brown, Floral, Green, Stripe, Blue
4. No more baby bottle, or sippy cup, falling on the ground and getting dirty.
5. No more toys falling out of baby's hands and getting lost.
6. Attach to stroller, car seat, high chair and when the bottle, sippy cup, or toy falls, or baby throws it, it will stay clean and they will be able to pick it up by themselves.
7. To use this you take the short end, place it around the item you want to hold, go through the white plastic clip, and velcro it shut.
8. Velcro the long strip around the stroller and adjust your length with the white plastic fastener so that the bottle or toy doesn't reach the floor.



Package Includes:

1 * Baby Stroller Toy Strap

Delivery:Within 7 to 21 working days.(Excl.P.O.Box)