8 pack of Reusable Silicone Fresh Wrap set



8 pack of Reusable Silicone Fresh Wrap set


Silicone Fresh Wrap is the ultimate solution for meal leftovers. It will keep your food fresh. It’s stretchable to fit serving bowls of most standard sizes.

Unlike foil and plastic wrap, these silicone wraps are permanently reusable, plus can be used as a non-slip mat and a splatter screen.

Flexible, durable and re-usable, each set includes four small wraps and four large wraps for different size containers.



  • Ø Anti-bacterial, food safe silicone wrap.
  • Ø Keeps food fresh for longer with airtight seal.
  • Ø Can be used as a splatter screen in the microwave.
  • Ø Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.
  • Ø Do not cover tight while using in microwave.
  • Ø No toxic substances included.
  • Ø Anti-slip.
  • Ø Dimensions: small 15 x 15 cm and large 19 x 19 cm


Each set contains:

  • Ø 4 small wraps & 4 large wraps.


Delivery: Within 7 to 21 working days.