8 Cups Glass Manual Drip Coffee Machine Cold Drip Water Drip Coffee Maker Serve



Material: Stainless steel + glass
Capacity: 600ML (8cups)
Size: height: about 45CM,
        bottom diameter:  about 15CM
a.Using heat-resistant glass and stainless steel material, high transparency, coffee dripping process at a glance.
b.Long time low temperature extraction, not sour, not hurt the stomach, can be stored a long time.
c.Cold water drip from natural infiltration, 5 degrees Celsius low temperature extraction 3-8 hours,
with dark roasted beans, can extract more smooth coffee taste.
d.The water flow regulator, easy to control water flow, not only can extract coffee but also can extract tea.
e.Compact, strong stability, and beautiful, durable and so on.
f.Both for the individual made Drip coffee, can be used as collection, gift for friends.
How to use:
1.Add ice and cold water to the pot, cover the lid.
2.Clean the stainless steel sheet into the filter, and stamped with filter paper.
3.Grind the coffee to fine grain, and add the coffee
4.Open the value to adjust the flow of water.usually 40-60 drops per minute.valanced wet all the ground coffee
Package included:
1 x Drip Coffee Maker