18pc 3D Butterfly Wall Decoration Set - 9 Colours



18pc 3D Butterfly Wall Decoration Set - 9 Colours

If you want to jazz up your home with a touch of nature-inspired chic, why not invest in some snazzy wall decorations?

You can select pretty 3D PVC butterfly decorations in nine different colors. The PVC decorations are self-adhesive and steam-resistant, so they won't lose their stick easily.

You can place them on most surfaces including wallpaper and wood; you don't have to worry about them leaving marks once removed.


Easy to remove after, without leaving a residue
Perfect on show window or wall or any smooth surface
Made from thin plastic film, not paper, waterproof for bathroom
The surface can be written with pen
Just stick on smooth surface with double side or blue tack ( double side tape included )


White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Rose, Purple, Brown

Packaging include:

With 2 extra large (13.5x11.8cm) and 4 large (10.4x9.3cm) stickers.
Plus 4 medium (7.8x6.7cm) and 8 small (6x5.2cm) stickers.

Delivery: Within 7 to 21 working days.(Excl.P.O.Box)